About EC Tech

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We are a Taiwan-based Corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of all types of plastic injection molds suitable for many differing applications. Our manufacturing facility, established in northern Taiwan in 1982, uses the latest technology including CAD, CAM, CAP, and CNC programmable control systems for mold design and manufacturing.
In addition to plastic injection molds, we also design and fabricate metal stamping tools, progressive die tooling, composite material molds and rubber extrusion molds. We can even assemble your finished products to your specifications in Taiwan, and export them to international customers. Eastern Cross Technology Corp. has the capability to fulfill all your mold requirements, to solve your manufacturing problems, and to help you promote your business in a professional way. Our engineers are professionally trained, with vast experience in molded, stamped, and fabricated products of all kinds. We can assure you of high precision, high quality finished products with very competitive delivery times and prices.

Molds available for :

A. Genernal Products
Furniture, Gardening, Lighting, Farming, Automobile, Medical, home appliances, electronics enclosures and any custom-designed parts in plastic etc.
B. Precision Moulds
Plastic precision mold, exactitude gear-wheel mold, plastic injection mold, hot runner mould, large size mould, multi-cavity mold, insert mold, over mold, family mold, double injection mold and gas assist mold etc.
C. OEM & Secondary Processing
Make moulds and products according to clients requirements, 2D & 3D drawings, pictures and dimensions. Our produced molds available for injection machines from 60 tons to 3000 tons.