Eastern Cross Technology Corp.

We are a Taiwan-based Corporation specializing in the design and manufacture of all types of plastic injection molds suitable for many different applications. Our manufacturing facility, established in northern Taiwan in 1982, uses the latest technology including CAD, CAM, CAP, and CNC programmable control systems for mold design and manufacturing.

Product Line

Eastern Cross Technology Corp., is one of the most reputable Plastic Injection. Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturer in Taiwan and the Asia Pacific region. If you have a requirement of Plastic Molding or Plastic Moulding then Eastern Cross Technology Corp., is the best option for you. To find out more about our product, welcome visit other product profile. Customers will be able to check progress and see when they can order by checking their details on the website. Our experienced team of professionals can answer your inquiries at any time. If you need further information about our solutions, please contact us with your requirements. Eastern Cross Technology Corp., is willing to face the challenge enthusiastically and work hard to create the better future for all of us. Hope you will give us your best supports and guidance as always.
Product Categories:
Eastern Cross Technology Corp., offers a wide range of high performance Plastic Molding and Plastic Moulding. High quality and reliability are two essential criteria driving all of our products. We can prototype new designs at incredible speed thanks to our highly skilled design engineers, harnessing our global expertise and delivering via our local teams. With regards to our products, our Plastic Molding are able to satisfy a wide range of demands. Customization is available on almost all of our products. If you want to know more relative information about Plastic Injection. Please contact us immediately.
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